Hidden Dangers Your Web Hosting Company Doesn’t Want You to Know

With so many web hosting companies competing for your business, it can be difficult to choose one in a location that makes the best business sense for you.

Making the wrong geographical location choice can have unexpected consequences that may cause a devastating impact on your business at the most inconvenient time.

Most people order their hosting online and give little or no thought to where the service provider is actually located. And that’s something I want to help you avoid.

Local or Long Distance?

The Internet is truly global, and as long as there are no government restrictions saying otherwise, you’re free to choose a web hosting company situated anywhere in the world, but be careful where you end up!

A local company may make sense if you are located in or near a large city that has a variety of companies to choose from.

For example, a business located in or near Manchester might feel more comfortable doing business with a locally web company where they can meet the owner and where they may even belong to the same business or social organisations.

But if a local hosting company isn’t necessarily important to you, consider this:

Here are the Top 3 Things you may not think about when you are choosing a web hosting provider:

You do not want to choose a web hosting company that’s located in a country or region that is subject to political instability. Unexpected regime changes, violent political demonstrations, or a sudden and unexpected political situation arising between your country and the country housing your web hosting company is situated in, could cause you to wake up one morning and find that your web site has disappeared. If you choose a locally based web hosting company, this will not be an issue.
Avoid locations that do not have a 21st Century communications and public utilities infrastructure. You need to be confident that your web hosting provider has reliable access to upstream Internet providers, as well as access to electrical power that is reliable within reasonable limits. Again, Manchester web hosting companies meet this requirement.
Avoid regions that are subject to violent seasonal weather conditions such as hurricanes, typhoons, unusually active tornado seasons, monsoons and tsunamis.

You can’t afford to have your business interrupted by weather conditions occurring halfway around the world. That’s just one more reason why a local web hosting company may be the right choice for you.

Don’t make being in business more risky than it already is! Take the time to make an informed decision about which web provider to use by carefully considering the company’s location and the risks that location exposes your business to. You just might reach the conclusion that a local hosting company is a safe and reasonable choice.